Lightweight Solutions for Aeronautics Applications

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Aero-Magnesium is an engineering oriented industrial organization which has been active since the mid 90s, first as a R&D group and from 2010 as a commercial corporation, and is dedicated to the supply of a wide range of technological solutions to customers worldwide, in order to ensure the professional use of wrought/cast magnesium alloys in aeronautics and space civil applications. The group holds industrial as well as R&D facilities in 2 sites located in the North of Israel. Technical staff includes metallurgists, chemists, mechanical engineers as well as metal processing specialists.

Aero-Magnesium is unique as we offer an “End to End solution”, specializing in material investigation, application oriented Mg alloys selection (together with our partner Magnesium Elektron), metal processing – design and industrial implementation, surface technology (together with our partner Chemetall GmbH) and assembly procedures.

The company is currently able to supply high-end magnesium products (sole components or assemblies), manufactured by bulk machining, die forging, investment/sand casting and sheet forming, while operating the most recent surface finishing technologies.

Please contact us today if you require an end to end specialist solution for
your magnesium alloy requirement.